Endomask(R) Laryngeal Masks

EndoMask® laryngeal masks and components are manufacturedfrom the finest and purest medical-grade resins available. Our production facilities operate under the stringent certifications of the FDA, ISO, CE, and the Japanese Ministry of Health. Products are constantly monitored during the manufacturing process for material Integrity, manufacturing continuity, quality controls and plant conditions. 

To assure the integrity of the self-sealing valve of the pilot balloon and the inflatable cuff, each laryngeal mask is fully inflated and checked for possible    leakage prior to packaging and sterilization. 

Our superior cuffs conform to the natural contours of the hypopharynx for perfect fit, allowing rapid, blind insertion, excellent seal, and single-hand ventilation. Cuffs are thick and durable with a smooth matte finish. The seam around the outside of EndoMask cuff is extremely smooth and designed not to cause irritation.

No epiglottic bars (aperture bar) are used on EndoMask laryngeal masks enabling easy access for a Fiberscope and suction catheters. 

Universal 15mm connectors assure secure attachment to ventilator circuits.

Inner cartons are packaged with 5 laryngeal masks and the mask pouch and carton labeling is color coded 
and easy to read. Every pouch and carton is also bar coded for accurate identification and inventory control.

All Merlyn Medical products are packaged sterile and are 100% Latex-Free.

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