The  wrap is an excellent choice for otoplasty procedures targeting the chin and cheek area. This adjustable one size Facial Wrap features a 3 ½” soft segmented elastic wrap with a contact closure, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit around the chin, cheeks, or ears. Additionally, to prevent slipping, it includes a 1 ½” soft segmented elastic stabilizing band with a contact closure. Unlike a standard ace wrap, this band offers enhanced effectiveness and comes in universal sizing, accommodating various individuals. Plus, it’s latex-free, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of patients.

Perfect for otoplasty or liposuction targeting the chin or cheek area

Comes with a 3-1/2 inch soft segmented elastic wrap for a comfortable, snug fit.

It includes a 1-1/2 inch soft segmented elastic stabilizing band with a contact closure to prevent slipping.

More efficient than a standard ace bandage

Latex-free and universally sized